Review of Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties

Monopoly is one of the board game world’s real classics. Some players may see it as an outdated notion in comparison to contemporary tabletop games, yet it has been popular for almost a century and shows no indications of disappearing soon. Similarly, roulette has enthralled casino audiences for centuries, and it appears probable that it will continue to be played in practically every resort in the globe for decades to come.

So what happens when these two cherished masterpieces are mashed together? Williams Interactive has created Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties, an online casino game. Generally speaking, this is a conventional understanding of roulette. However, there is an additional place on this wheel that gives the possibility to play a bonus game.

The Essence

As stated before, Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties is, in most respects, only a variant of roulette, therefore we’ll cover the fundamentals of that game before explaining what makes this variant special. The game is played by spinning a ball around a wheel that is separated into a number of pieces, or pockets. In this scenario, there are 38 pockets: 36 representing the numbers 1 through 36 (evenly split between red and black), one representing the zero, and the Hot Properties pocket, which will be discussed after the regular bets have been covered.

On each round of betting, you will be able to put wagers on a huge layout including all of the individual numbers, as well as additional locations for wagers covering larger areas of the wheel. After placing your wagers, you may press the spin button to start the wheel. As soon as the cue ball enters a pocket, lost wagers are withdrawn from the table and winning wagers are paid out.

Accept Your Best Proposal

While the preceding information is applicable to any version of this game, Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties features a “Hot Properties” pocket on the wheel and a betting slot for this pocket on the layout. This wager, like all others, pays only if the ball falls in the linked pocket (which, incidentally, is colored yellow).

When this occurs, the Hot Properties bonus game will be unlocked. This is simply a variant of Deal or No Deal, with 18 cards that each show a different Monopoly property and a range of predetermined reward amounts. The cards will then be shuffled and flipped face down.

You must now disclose five of these cards (you can also hit a quick pick button in order to speed up the process). As you unveil the cards and rewards, you will eliminate those prizes from consideration. After making your selections, you will be presented with an offer – a reward sum you may instantly accept to conclude the game. If you opt to reject this offer, you will again be required to discard five cards, following which you will be provided with a new offer.

If you reject again, you will go through two more rounds in which you will choose three additional cards in each round. After each, you will be provided with a new offer based on the remaining cards, which you may accept or decline. If you reach the last two cards and do not choose to accept the final offer, you choose one card to disclose, removing it from play, and you receive the final property’s reward.

Fundamentally American

The easiest way to compare this to a conventional roulette game is to compare it to the American version with two zeros. Because the Hot Properties button functions as a second zero for standard wagers. Consequently, practically every “normal” wager on the roulette wheel has the same house advantage of 5.26 percent, or the exact same odds as American roulette tables.

The only remaining issue is the house advantage for the Hot Properties option, but we have no data to estimate what it may be. Nevertheless, given on the payouts we’ve seen in a few sample bonus rounds, we think that the house advantage may actually be smaller than on regular wagers, maybe in the 2 percent area.

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